Youth on call to grab informal sector opportunities


THE Deputy Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr Hamis Kigwangalla, has urged the youth to grab job opportunities in the informal sectors instead of waiting for jobs in the formal sector, which are seldom found.

He made the remarks in Dar es Salaam yesterday when opening a workshop for young people engaged in manicure (cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands), organised by the Director of the Lavy Beauty Products Company, Ms Flaviana Matata.

Dr Kigwangalla said 80 per cent of the country’s population depended on informal employment while government’s jobs accounted for only three per cent that cannot afford to absorb the needs of all job seekers, hence the informal sector channel.

“Youth in the country should not feel ashamed and ignore the work of polishing women’s nails because job opportunities in formal sectors are limited.

The majority of the people are successful in their lives and are not employed in the formal sectors,” he said.

However, he urged those who employ themselves in the informal sectors to join and contribute to various insurance agencies and social security schemes so that they can be assured of health insurance and save some money that would help them in their later lives.

Earlier, a street manicurist, Mark Msekwa, said a young man who polishes women’s nails can make between 200,000/- and 1500,000/- per month.

He mentioned their challenges, including the fact that their occupation is not officially recognised by the government and ignored by the majority as an occupation for youth who have failed in life.

Dr Kigwangala said the youth worked without job contracts, which has led to the rundown of their basic rights as workers.

‘’They also do not have health insurance while their work involves dealing with cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals,’’ the deputy minister observed. On her part, Ms Matata advised the government to recognise the work of youth who go around polishing women’s nails because it was an occupation that cannot be done in other countries without a special state permission.

Dr Kigwangalla said the government will continue to support the entrepreneurs, especially those who use their activities to create job opportunities for others and bring economic development for the nation.

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