Increased BRT fare starts to bite today

COMMUTERS in Dar es Salaam City relying on the Rapid Bus Transit (BRT) services will from today start bearing with increased fares as announced by the Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit Agency (DART).

The statement  released by DART on Sunday said that as of today, travellers from Kimara and Ubungo terminals to  Gerezani, Morocco and Kivukoni will now pay 750/- up from the previous 650/-. Which means there is an increase of 100/-.

This is the first time for the fare to rise since 2016, when the bus started operations. Ever since it was introduced, the project has significantly helped to reduce transportation time from an average of two or more hours to just thirty minutes for 20.6-kilometre long distance from the city centre to Kimara terminal.

The new fare for adult city commuters has increased between 100/- for the main trunk and feeder routes have gone up by 50/- respectively.

According to the statement, the new fares have been endorsed by the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA).

Those starting their journeys from Morocco terminal to different destinations like Kimara or the city centre will also pay the same amount as it is the case for Muhimbili to Gerezani terminal.

A feeder route from Kimara terminal to Mbezi Mwisho bus stop will pay 500/- from the previous 400/- and this marks the cheapest route to traverse using the modern transportation method in the country.

Travelling from Kimara terminal to Mloganzila Hospital will see one parting with 700/-, not 650/- it used to be.

“Only 50/- will have to be borne by those using this public means to reach the national referral hospital,” the statement read in part.

The only route outside Dar es Salaam by BRT which is to Kibaha town in the Coast Region starting at Kimara terminal will see a passenger paying 700/- not 650/- it used to be.

Secondary and Primary School students in uniforms or displaying Identity Cards will experience no fare hike and still continue paying 200/- for their journeys in the city.

It further noted that DART tickets can now be purchased using both E-payment methods or physically through the city.

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