Improve students’ English speaking skills – RC

THE government in Lindi Region has directed headteachers in all public secondary schools to come up with a strategic plan towards improving English speaking skills for students.

Acting Regional Commissioner Colonel Ahmed Abbas made the call here recently, saying poor mastering of English language among secondary students was one of the factors hindering their performance in studies.

Col Abbas was speaking during an education evaluation meeting held in the region. He said most students joining secondary schools were struggling to grapple with English, which is the language of instruction.

“Our students in secondary schools find it hard to speak English, which makes their learning difficult,” he said, calling the head teachers to put in place a strategic plan to improve English speaking skills among students.

He also pointed to a lack of skills to read and write as another challenge facing pupils in primary schools, directing district and ward education officers and teachers to improve writing and reading skills for primary children in schools.

Col Abbas said the government is committed to ensure all pupils and students get quality education by providing all the necessary resources including infrastructures and teachers to handle and ensure better learning.

“The government is very committed to improve education for all students as signified with the provision of 29.82bn/- every month in running of primary and secondary schools towards the implementation of free education policy,” he said.

Lindi Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Mr Ngusa Samike said the region is well prepared to improve efficiency in primary and secondary schools.

“Lindi Region is well set to ensure we improve efficiency for primary and secondary schools,” he said.

Mr Samike said the education performance for standard seven has improved to 86.38 per cent in 2022 from 68.71 per cent in 2018.

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