I’m exceedingly humbled – Samia

ANKARA, TÜRKIYE: PRESIDENT Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan has expressed profound appreciation for the resilience and diligence exhibited by the people of Tanzania in the face of challenges.

Dr Samia made the remarks during a significant event, marking the occasion of conferment of Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causa) bestowed to her from Ankara University in Türkiye yesterday.

“As I reflect back and recall the uphill challenge that I encountered, the resilience and diligence of my people, I am exceedingly humbled to receive this honorary doctorate,” President Samia remarked during the ceremony.

Delivering her acceptance speech, President Samia expressed surprise at the global recognition of her efforts, stating, “I didn’t know that what I am doing at home is really known outside of Tanzania.”

She extended her gratitude to the senate of Ankara University for the prestigious honour in the field of economics.

Acknowledging the support of Tanzanians, President Samia remarked, “I accept this honour on behalf of the hardworking men and women in Tanzania.

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I am only their leader and doing all what I do on their behalf.” Reflecting on her presidency, President Samia recalled the economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Despite these hurdles, Tanzania implemented robust monetary policies to stabilise prices, stimulate growth, and ensure financial sector stability.

The results were tangible, with inflation rates below target and significant GDP growth.

President Samia said due to measures implemented by the government in 2023, Tanzania managed to tame inflation at the rate of 3.9 per cent below the target of 5 per cent and annual GDP growth rated 5.2 per cent up from 4 per cent when she assumed the office two years prior.

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President Samia highlighted Tanzania’s efforts to promote Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) by addressing business community concerns and improving the business environment.

In 2023, Tanzania Investments Centre (TIC) registered a substantial increase in new investment projects, indicating growing confidence in the Tanzanian market.

Emphasising economic growth in key sectors, President Samia noted increased productivity in agriculture, mining exports, and tourism receipts.

She underscored the importance of TanzaniaTürkiye relations, citing a significant rise in bilateral trade volume and Türkiye’s investment footprint in Tanzania.

Looking to the future, President Samia expressed a commitment to further strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between Tanzania and Türkiye.

She highlighted opportunities for collaboration in tourism, saying Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Turkish Airlines will facilitate travel and tourism between the two countries.

“Over the last 10 years our two countries have witnessed an increased bilateral trade volume from 60 million US dollars in 2011/2012 to 300 million US dollars in 2022/2023.

Türkiye’s investment footprint is significant with 119 investment projects worth 210.63 million US dollars creating more than 6,000 jobs across the country,” she said.

She added, “Our vision for future Tanzania- Türkiye economic relations, I wish to insist on our commitment to further cement diplomatic and economic ties.”

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