Ilemela schools benefit from 2tri/- government handouts

THE Ilemela Municipal Council has received over 2.8tri/- in two years of President Samia in office which among other things it has helped to improve the education sector in the area, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality MrManusuraLusigaliye has said.

He said during the Form Six graduation ceremony at Bwiru Girls’ Secondary Schoolyesterday that that funds have enabled many schools in the council to increase important infrastructure and equipment such as classrooms, laboratories, toilets, offices and desks to ensure smooth learning and teaching.

MrLusigaliye said some of the secondary schools that were built quickly and enabled students to commence studies includeBuzuruga, Nyamhongolo, Igombe, Semba and Lubuka.

During the ceremony education stakeholders donatedfor construction of a school fence to ensure safety to students.

MrLusigaliye said that the municipality will provide 4,000 cement bricks while parents of the graduating students donated 2.5m/-, and eleven bags of cement while others  made pledges.

TheSchool Headmistress of the MsMecktilidaShija, said the school’s goal is to eliminate the third grade after they have successfully eliminateddivision four and zero.

She said that improved learning environment will enable students to study smoothly hence improve performance.

A parent of a graduating student MrTriphoniusLissu, who is a Lecturer of Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora, said the construction of a fence will make children study quietly and that responsibility is not left to the government alone.

He said that in order to bring rapid development, all stakeholders in the community should have the spirit to contribute to development activities.

Another parent, Mr Wilbert Manumbu said they were impressed by the school’s method of teaching their children, so they have seen the importance of supporting the efforts by building the fence.

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