Huawei Tanzania office named among top employers in Global ranking

Tanzania has enhanced its status as a top employer in the country proving its operational and management superiority in the local context.

This is according to the Top Employers Institute’s rankings, which place the technology company as one of the top Employers in a global ranking.

The Top Employers Institute program certifies organizations based on the participation and results of their HR Best Practices Survey.

This survey covers six HR domains consisting of 20 topics including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Well-being, and more.

The Top Employer Institute program has certified and recognized 2053 Top Employers in 121 countries/regions across five continents.

Speaking on the recognition, Huawei Tanzania, Human Resource Director Mr. Wangyue said “the recognition was yet another testimony of the value we accord our employees, our commitment to providing the best working environment for our people”.

“The value of employees is pivotal as they are our greatest asset and the source of our success story. Our Tanzania office’s rise into the top 20 Top Employers in Sub-Saharan Africa is particularly noteworthy.”

“This award should make our employees in Tanzania proud as they are working for a Top Employer who is recognized in Africa. Our employees are of great value and our policies and processes have been tailored to assist our employees to grow, enjoy the environment in which they work, and above all give them the motivation to become better with each passing day. Developing the local employees is key to Huawei’s global strategy, being certified as a Top Employer showcases Huawei’s dedication to a better world of work and excellent people practices.’’ adds Wangyue

Commenting on the achievement, Huawei Southern Africa Human Resource Director, Mr. Yu Chen said the company is so proud to have a growing number of Huawei offices across the Sub-Saharan region recognized as top employers, as well as to have seen improved rankings in several markets.

’ We’re proud to have seen improvements in our rating for employee wellness, which is due to our programs for staff physical and mental health,” added Mr. Chen.

According to Mr. Chen, Huawei Sub-Saharan Africa has seen the number of country offices represented in the Top Employer Institute’s Top Employer rankings rise from 9 to 11. The increased representation in the prestigious annual rankings is a testament to the work Huawei has put into employee well-being across the region over the past 12 months.

He further noted that Huawei has also worked hard on diversity and inclusion, implementing programs aimed at fostering a more unified workplace. Additionally, it has sought to increase its senior local professional experts and appointments.

While these gains are commendable, Mr. Chen recognizes that Huawei will keep building its reputation as a Top Employer. One area that continues to be a major focus is building ICT skills, which remain scarce across the region.

“We remain dedicated to addressing this challenge, focusing primarily on skills transfer and training,” says Mr. Chen. “Across the region, we have a number of industry-leading intern and graduate programs aimed at developing our ICT Talent Ecosystem.”

“At Huawei, we look forward to these initiatives bearing fruit in the coming months and years as we cement our status as a top employer. Ultimately, however, the well-being of our employees remains our primary motivation for evolving as an employer. Our staff have always been, and will continue to be our greatest asset.” Chen concludes.

Last but not least, as the CEO of Top Employers Institute, David Plink says, “Exceptional times bring out the best in people and organizations. And we have witnessed this in our Top Employers Certification Programme this year: exceptional performance from the certified Top Employers 2023.

These employers have always shown that they care for the development and well-being of their people. By doing so, they collectively enrich the world of work. We are proud to announce and celebrate this year’s group of leading people-oriented employers: the Top Employers 2023.”

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