How Tanzania can tape avocado market in US

TANZANIA can explore the market for avocados in the US if it will invest in modern storages and have best shipping and logistical modalities, it has been said.

The US Ambassador to Tanzania Michael Battle made the statement yesterday during a forum that brought together scholars to discuss ways of improving food security and climate-smart agriculture techniques, technology and infrastructure.

He said, US is a big market for avocados however, it only imports from Mexico.

“I encourage African leaders to spend time building storage facilities, for example, Tanzanians grow the best ever avocados in the world, but they are not being shipped to the US,’ he said.

Currently, Tanzanian avocados are being sold within the country and some are exported to European and Asian countries.

“I would like to see Tanzanian avocados being shipped to the US, as we depend mainly from Mexico, but Mexican avocados are grown in different seasons than those of Tanzania,” he said.

According to him, by doing so, the  move would have  played a huge role in solving problems by creating economic benefit in Tanzanian, and enable the European nations and the US to have Tanzanians avocadoes throughout the year.

He also encouraged scholars to continue finding solutions on various problems that will assure food security   not only for Tanzania but to the rest of the world.

“One of the main issues that President Samia Suluhu Hassan has addressed is a need for food security not only for Tanzania but for the rest of the world,” he said.

Adding, “It’s important when scholars around the world come together particularly from African scholars to find African solutions to African problems”.

The diplomat went on to explain that scholars have a great role to play in finding ways to feed the continent and the world at large through effective partnership with their host governments.

“Africa is blessed with tremendous arable land, opportunities to grow food, but there is a gap between capacity, technology and others that need to be imported from the world to the continent,” he said.

The envoy noted further that, with the right kind of technology, seeds, motivation and capacity to build storage in order to preserve food once it is grown, Africa can indeed be the bread basket not only for the continent but also to export food to the rest of the world.

For his part, the Morogoro on environmental advisor Venance Igere underscored the importance of Tanzanians to tap the potentials in the US market by working on emerging challenges.

“In terms of food security I see a big picture that there are some areas that are doing pretty good, and some have big food shortages,” he said.

Adding; “We have to ensure a fair distribution of food and improve infrastructure so that food crops and items can smoothly be transported from one place to another”.

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