How President executes ‘Kazi Iendelee’ slogan  

EFFECTIVE execution, completion, and continuation of various projects is a clear testimony of how President Samia Suluhu Hassan is walking the talk in her leadership slogan namely ‘Kazi Iendelee’, Chief Secretary Dr Moses Kusiluka has said.

Dr Kusiluka made the statement on Saturday during a historic event to launch a new State House in Chamwino District, Dodoma whose design and structure resembles the one in Dar es Salaam.

Speaking at a well-attended event, Dr Kusiluka said President Samia is well passionate about bringing development in Tanzania as a result   she has continued implementing a number of projects initiated by previous regimes as well as coming up with new ones.

He observed that during her first two years in the office Dr Samia has practically demonstrated her determination and commitment to transform the country through various projects that are beneficial for the country’s development.

“Walking the talk on her Kazi Iendelee slogan can be seen through a number of projects that have been implemented, apart from this brand new State House, President Samia has also carried on construction of ministerial offices and other public institutions at Mtumba government City here in Dodoma,” he said.

He said the construction of structures at the Government city has reached 70 per cent. Upon accomplishment, the project is set to cost a total of  700bn/-.

The Chief Secretary went on to explain other projects such as construction of Judiciary headquarters that is now at 91 per cent of accomplishment that will cost 219.7bn/- as well as execution of a 112.3km ring road in Dodoma at a cost of 221,7bn/-.

“Dr Samia also initiated the construction of Msalato International Airport in Dodoma, the project that is set to cost 360bn/-,” he added.

According to him, investment on buildings and crucial infrastructures serves as an attractive factor for local and international private investors to explore various investment opportunities in Dodoma based on initiatives that have been put in place to upgrade the region.

He went on to explain that under the leadership of President Samia, the government continued to execute other flagship projects such as Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project (JNHPP).

“When she assumed the office, the SGR project was under implementation of two Lots; Dar es Salaam- Morogoro and Morogoro- Makutupora which together make a total of 722 kilometres,” he said.

He noted that by then, the   Dar es Salaam-Morogoro Lot was at 83.5 per cent but now it has reached 98.1 per cent, the Lot two was at 57.6 per cent where the sixth phase administration has made it to 93.8 per cent.

“As we are speaking right now, the government has added more other lots from Makutupora- Tabora, Tabora- Isaka, Isaka- Mwanza; the construction of all these lots with a total of 1308 kilometres is well progressing,” explained the Chief Secretary.

He said, the whole SGR project costs 23.3 tri/- and so far the government has paid a total of 8.1 tri/- to the contractor.

Regarding the construction of the 2115Megawats JNHPP, Dr Kusiluka said the project   is now at 86.8 per cent of its completion   up from 31.6 per cent of 2021, noting that so far the contractor has been paid 5.3 tri/- for the work that has been done.

According to the Ministry of Energy when President Samia Suluhu Hassan assumed office the project execution stood at 37 per cent.

The completion of the mammoth project valued at 6.5 tri/- being   fully funded by the government will certainly place Tanzania among the giants of power production in the African continent.

Besides its envisioned key role; power generation, the JNHPP also comes with a myriad of opportunities ranging from irrigation farming in the Rufiji delta, where an area of about 400,000 acres can be irrigated to fishing, a chance to practice modern fishing.

More so, the government has completed construction of a network of 471.5 kilometers of tarmac roads in various areas of the country. There is a continuation of other related projects at a cost of 2.6tri/-.

“President Samia has also increased the construction and rehabilitation of rural and urban roads to a tune of 900bn/- from the previous 275bn/-. This has made possible the construction of 765.5 kilometres of roads,” added the Chief Secretary.

He also assured of proper maintenance of the buildings and environments of the new State House to serve as a good example keeping the green nature of Dodoma.

“President Samia is an environmentalist, we shall ensure all the environments here stay green all the time,” he noted.


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