How ICBAE caters for adult education

KIBAHA:In a remarkable display of dedication to lifelong learning and economic empowerment, 65-year-old student Masha Sogoma is urging fellow seniors to pursue both classroom education and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Masha, as a student enrolled in the Integrated Community Based Adult Education (ICBAE), presented the piece of advice during the National Adult Education Week celebrations held in Kibaha, Coast region.

“I encourage elderly individuals who haven’t yet had the chance to receive this education to embrace it, as it can be a transformative experience…after completing our studies, we were empowered to explore entrepreneurial endeavors, ensuring that we don’t merely sit idle without a source of income, ” Masha pointed out.


Masha went on to appeal to the government to recognize the numerous seniors in remote villages who have yet to benefit from such educational opportunities.

As a testament to the power of education, Masha has ventured into producing a range of products including tie-dye , soap, detergents, cooking oil, and moringa soap, reflecting a successful blend of knowledge and entrepreneurship.

Masha Sogoma

Furthermore, the significance of senior education is not lost on Rehema Gabriel, who teaches Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic (RWA) along with Beneficial and Continuous Learning (BCL).She runs classes for seniors aged 60 and above at a local center in the Mwendapole. A Primary School in Pwani.

Rehema’s classes comprise eager elders who enter the classroom to learn fundamental skills and trade, subsequently transitioning to entrepreneurship sessions. Students are taught to manufacture various products, such as cooking oil, soap, tie-dye textiles, charcoal, nutrition, and hygiene soaps, among many others.

“The goal of senior education is to counter the stereotype that old age equals inactivity…growing old is not about fading away; it is about collecting treasures, where they are and bringing them here,” Rehema explained, emphasizing the wealth of knowledge possessed by senior citizens.

Head of Higher Education Institute, Professor Michael Ng’umbi emphasized their role in inspiring communities to recognize the ongoing importance of adult education in shaping character and ensuring the fundamental human right of reading, writing, and continuous learning is upheld.

On his part , Deputy Head of the Institute in academic research and advisory department, Dr Philip Sanga, stressed the significance of senior education in reaffirming its importance.

He noted that while child education prepares for the future, adult education enables learning in the present, equipping adults with immediate skills and knowledge.

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