How govt plans to resolve water woes in Dodoma

DODOMA: THE government has assured the public that it is implementing short, medium and long term measures in its efforts to resolve water woes facing Dodoma Region.

Deputy Minister for Water, Engineer Mathew Kundo outlined the measures on Friday when responding to the question posed by CCM Special Seats MP Khadija Taya.

According to the deputy minister, the government continues with the implementation of 79 water projects, out of which 15 are located in urban areas while 15 are in rural communities. The projects are at various stages of implementation.

Speaking on medium- term measures, the deputy minister said the government continues with the implementation of Farkwa water project, revealing that the contractor for the project is expected to be nominated in September this year.

He insisted that the construction work will kick off next financial year (2024/2025).

Speaking on long term measures, Engineer Kundo said the government is on final stages to hire a consultant who will carry out a feasibility study and detailed design for the project meant to draw water from Lake Victoria before supplying it to Dodoma Region.

Experts say drawing water from Lake Victoria will help resolve water shortage for Dodoma Region.
Lake Victoria water currently benefits residents in many parts in Lake Zone including Tabora, Igunga and Nzega, Uyui and villages of Shinyanga Region.

Early last year, the government said at least 430,000 people in three towns of Tabora region will benefit from a project that will draw water from Lake Victoria. The towns are Sikonge, Urambo and Kaliua.

The project, scheduled to be completed in 2025, is part of the government’s mega water projects being undertaken in 28 towns across the country.

Dodoma is in a drought prone, semi-arid region of the country.

The only source of potable water for the Dodoma City’s inhabitants is groundwater from the Makutupora Basin, located 27 kilometres north of the City.

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