How Dr Samia changes the country in her three years in office

TANZANIA: ANSWERS to the fundamental question of how much President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan, who took office on March 19, 2021, has accomplished in her three years in office best continue to capture Tanzania’s political landscape.

This also includes economic analysts and the international community at large in the way she has continued to enable the nation to have stability and peace and give Tanzanians new hope.

Whereas her detractors might see a persistently different picture, her national, regional and international supporters see a complete economic reform and democratic rejuvenation that continues to place Tanzania on the world map.

Samia acquired the position by constitutional right after her predecessor, Dr John Pombe Magufuli, passed away unexpectedly.

She brought a calm demeanour and a clear goal of improving Tanzania as an investment destination, prosperity and reduced red tape.

In these three years, her resounding mandate has created expectations for significant improvements. Everybody would agree that Dr Samia has led this country on the right path.

I stand before you not only as a public speaker but also as a fervent supporter of the cohesion, resiliency and spirit of the people that define our wonderful country.

Even though the difficulties we confront are not minor and not unique to Tanzania alone, prompted by global geopolitical dynamics, with some that are out of our control, I am convinced that if we stick with Dr Samia’s transformative vision and her “kazi iendelee” rhetoric, as a nation, we can overcome any obstacles and create a path towards national prosperity, as these three years have shown.

Under Dr Samia’s calm leadership, Tanzania has overcome the divisive forces of politics, envy and infighting over the past three years.

In my opinion, Dr Samia understood that our beloved Tanzania hinges on our ability to put aside political affiliations and come together as one people with a shared vision for a brighter future for our children.

The pandemic’s effects, later inspired by the war in Western Europe, have unquestionably disrupted the global supply chain for goods and services and caused global inflation on essential commodities that hasn’t spared Tanzania.

Above all, although the necessary multiplier effects of both have sadly affected the livelihoods of many, over these three years, Tanzania has seen the all-good intentions of Dr Samia in managing these challenges nationally and internationally.

A fair evaluation, encouraging signs and enduring the journey of Dr Samia’s previous three years in office is outstanding.

As we commemorate three years in office, there are a lot of issues to discuss. Still, I only reflect on a few areas that I believe are essential to Tanzania’s future, which has come up frequently since Dr Samia took over office after the sudden passing of the late Dr John Pombe Magufuli.

From an economic point of view, the economy of Tanzania has expanded under President Samia Suluhu Hassan, with GDP rising from USD 69.7 billion in 2021 to over USD 85.42 billion towards the end of 2023.

The nation has had remarkable economic progress and will remain significant in East Africa’s economic region. Since John Magufuli’s death, President Samia has implemented policies that contribute to the nation’s economic improvement.

Inflation has been stable, and a more predictable investment climate in critical economic sectors has improved. Within these three years she has been in power, Tanzania’s economy has grown due to the changes put in place.

She aimed to modernise the agriculture industry to boost output and efficiency; several government credits and subsidies have helped her.

Further trade and investment opportunities were made possible by trade liberalisation policies, such as import tariffs and levies on remittance services.

The President also proposed changes to broaden small businesses’ access to financing, such as loosening regulations on banks’ ability to lend money to small and medium-sized firms.

Three years have seen President Samia making educational reforms a central tenet of her economic strategy for Tanzania.

Because of the government’s dedication to education, infrastructure and general quality, spending over these three years has increased.

Increased enrolment and lower dropout rates have led to improved access to education. The national girl’s education initiative and other programmes pushed to close the gender gap, and these reforms explicitly address gender differences in access to school and the labour force.

There are plans to build more universities of science and technology as part of the higher education sector’s increased emphasis on education.

The goal of this audacious project, in my view, is to increase Tanzania’s capacity to develop a knowledge economy and its ability to draw in outside funding for research and development.

President Samia has successfully secured funding from financial institutions over the past three years regarding large-scale, strategic investment projects.

For example, the African Development Bank has provided $2.7 billion for a new SGR railway project between Dar es Salaam and Isaka, the bank’s first investment in Tanzania.

The railway’s development will modernise the nation’s transport network, creating millions of jobs and promoting economic expansion.

Since President Samia took office after President John Magufuli passed away, Tanzania’s economy has experienced rapid expansion.

This progress has been partly fuelled by Dr Samia’s dedication to reforming trade and investment, as well as agriculture and education, over the past three years.

Most significantly, President Samia has managed to keep the Tanzanian people’s support a necessary component for sustained economic growth.

President Samia has significantly improved Tanzanians’ quality of life during the past three years. She has pushed to lower poverty, strengthen the nation’s infrastructure and expand access to healthcare and education. Because of her initiatives, Tanzania now has one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa.

Three years have elapsed after President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania passed away on March 17, 2024, following a brief illness.

According to the constitution, Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan assumed the presidency upon Magufuli’s passing.

It is undeniable that Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan has demonstrated herself to be a force for radical change in numerous ways in the three years since taking office.

Since assuming office, Samia has led an initiative that has allowed Tanzania to become a more progressive and inclusive country.

For instance, Samia has permitted political gatherings by opposition parties, fostering greater cooperation and communication amongst the nation’s various political factions.

Furthermore, she has established the foundation for exiles to be able to return home and contribute to a better Tanzania. In most of her speeches over the past three years, Dr. Samia has thoughtfully outlined her vision for a better future.

Dr Samia has frequently pleaded with politicians to abandon divisive campaigns like lying, mockery and slander in favour of programmes that would benefit all citizens.

Although her goals and plans are lofty, Tanzanians have responded favourably to her emphasis on fostering a strong feeling of national unity.

Since assuming office, Samia has invested directly in underserved communities and industries to improve economic, healthcare and education policies and taken measures that strongly emphasise economic justice.

Remarkably, Samia has also been able to uphold Magufuli’s legacy in Tanzania’s foreign policy, as seen by the fact that China and the US still acknowledge her leadership.

In the end, Samia has accomplished a lot in her three years as President, demonstrating her capacity and willingness to take on the significant social and economic issues facing her nation.

Her progressive policies and reforms have prepared the groundwork for Tanzanians to have a better future. Tanzania is not an island; throughout the past three years, rebuilding Tanzania’s diplomatic ties with other nations was one of President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s first actions.

Before, Tanzania was experiencing strained relations due to a preference for maintaining closed doors with the outside world, which made Tanzania suffer considerably politically from this unilateral decision in regional and global politics.

Within three years, President Samia moved swiftly to bring Tanzania back to the international scene after realising that maintaining cordial diplomatic ties with other nations is vital; hence, attractive and successful foreign policy is critical.

In this endeavour, within these three years, Dr Samia has been highly received on the global scene and played a big part in the success of her travels.

The impact of such initiatives is that Tanzania has increased foreign direct investment in its economy because of President Samia’s diplomatic travels and engagements.

Establishing and fostering business ties with nations like China, Brussels, Dakar, Dubai, Doha, London, New York, Nairobi, Los Angeles, Kenya, Rwanda, and Kinshasa has been her goal.

Investments have made numerous large-scale strategic development projects in Tanzania possible.

Let’s promise to defeat enmity, political division and jealousy together. Regardless of political affiliation or background, Tanzanians working together can overcome challenges and create an environment where everyone may contribute to the nation’s development.

Let’s move forward and make the coming years under Dr Samia to be full of tenacity, harmony and success.

Let’s write a new chapter in our nation’s great history, one marked by mutual respect, cooperation and a strong will to build a Tanzania that makes us all proud.

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