How business reforms attract more investors in Tanzania

TANZANIA’s Government is currently attracting more investors thanks to  deliberate efforts to improve business environment.

According to a Dubai-based Surfaces Furnishing Group Managing Director, Mr Rashid Yousif, the move has propel the flow of foreign direct investment to Tanzania.

“Tanzania has simplified its business procedures, making it easy for investors to inject their capital in key and strategic investment areas,” he said.

He said Tanzania is a fast-growing economy with huge growth potential, providing an opportunity to capitalise on the vast business opportunities offered to business communities from all over the world by its government.

“We strongly believe that Surfaces Furnishing has the resources to meet the demands of this expansive Tanzania and “We aim to bring value through profitability, quality consciousness’ and ultimately be the preferred interior design and furnishing solutions provider for the region,” he added

“Our expansion will create jobs locally, transfer technological expertise, and contribute to the government’s tax revenue. We aim to hire and train local talent, fostering economic growth in the region,” he noted.

In recent years, some specific countries of the East Africa region like Tanzania have shown an increasing number of construction and refurbishment projects, aside from the fact that the region is also being driven by the constant development in the retail, residential, and hospitality sectors.

He said currently, the primary focus is to extend their products and services to the Tanzania market with the backup support of the office in Dubai and Rwanda.

“After six to 12 months, once we have a grip on the market, we will establish our office with adequate manpower that could potentially operate on its own,” he said.
Surfaces Furnishing has been in the market in the field of interior design and furnishing solutions for over 25 years.

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