House team wants Tengeru institute’s old buildings repaired

THE Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Welfare and Development has tasked the Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD) to repair some of its dilapidated buildings.

Bunda MP, Mr Boniphace Mwita Getere observed here recently that some of the TICD’s infrastructures were in deplorable conditions, needing urgent repair.

“This center has a unique history to the country, yet some of your buildings do not reflect that,” the lawmaker said.

The legislator challenged the management of the Arusha based institution to use its internal revenues to upgrade and rehabilitate some of its infrastructure.

In his quick rejoinder, Permanent Secretary in the Community Development, Gender, Women and Special groups docket, Dr John Jingu informed the House committee which was on tour of the facility, that the Tengeru Institute of Community Development had allocated 25mn/- for the repair of some its old buildings.

“We will not only repair the old structures but also use the money to construct some houses for the staff,” said the PS.

Taking through the MPs on the center’s tour, Dr Jingu said TICD was finalizing the construction of twin lecture theaters and an accommodation facility for female students.

According to Dr Jingu, the money was allocated by the government with the project being implemented through the Force Account arrangement.

“The female accommodation facility is complete by 99 per cent, we are just putting some final touches to it,” he explained.

Such undertakings will see the number of students enrolled at TICD rise to 3018 in the coming academic year, from the initial 2,918.

Dr Jingu further informed the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Welfare and Development that TICD was now housing the National Research and Documentation Center which had since 2017, been relocated from the government.

Formerly known as the Community Development Training Institute; TICD was legally established in the year 1963 and later re-established in the 2013 under the name Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD) under the Tengeru Institute of Community Development Establishment order, 2013.

The Institute was formally managed under the Ministry responsible for Community Development since its establishment.

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