‘Help children to uphold moral values, ethics’

KATAVI Regional Commissioner (RC) Ms Mwanamvua Mrindoko has implored parents/ guardians to ensure their children who have written Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) continue to upholding moral values, ethics and be good citizens.

She emphasized that this is of a great importance to them, while they are waiting to join Form One next year at secondary schools which they will be chosen to join.

Equally, she urged this year PSLE candidates to refrain from engaging in criminal activities and sexual relationship, instead, be a good citizens, saying the rate of teen pregnancy and forced marriage is still worrisome.

“Adolescent girls must shun from engaging in intimate relationships because they will end up being impregnated and subsequently shuttering their dreams… I’m also urging them refuses marrying off forcefully at tender age,” she emphasized.

She further explained that teenage pregnancy remains a big challenge for the region calling for participatory parenting to enhance child up bringing while children are waiting to join Form One next year.

“About 19,052 pupils in the region have written PSLE between October 5th and 6th this year among them girls is 10,176 while boys are 8,876″ said the RC.

RC made the call recently during a media briefing meeting held in her officer here in municipality.

While in Katavi Region July this year Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango called for action to end teenage pregnancy and forced marriage in the region and countrywide.

He made the remarks on July 24th this year when attending holy mass service at the Virgin Mary Mkingiwa Catholic Church in Mpanda municipality.

The VP said the government has made tremendous progress in health, education and social service delivery in the country but in spite of the progress made, adolescent girls remain vulnerable segment of the population.

According to the 2015/16 Demographic Health Surveys (TDHS) one in four adolescent girls aged 15 -19 in Tanzania has begun childbearing and 27 per cent have given birth, and an additional six per cent are pregnant with their first born.

The survey shows that the percentiles of teenage girls, who had babies or were pregnant was 26 per cent in 2005/06 after which, it deceased to 23 per cent in 2010, then increased to 27 per cent in 2015/16.

The same survey shows that Katavi has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the country, with 45 per cent of teenage girls aged 15-19 becoming pregnant.

In another development, Ms Mwanamvua said the government has disbursed some 2.3bn/- for the construction of 119 classrooms in five councils in the region.

She called on parents or guardians to make sure they prepare uniforms and text books before December this year being a requisite preparation for their children, who will join Form One next year.

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