Heavy rains improve water level at Upper Ruvu plant

THE Coastal Region Commissioner, Abubakar Kunenge has assured residents that water services will continue to improve as heavy rains pour in various parts of the country.

Kunenge made the remarks over the weekend during his visit to the Upper Ruvu water plant to inspect the condition of the Ruvu River and the production of water in the plant.

“As you can see the situation is satisfactory, I would like to congratulate all the executives of Wami-Ruvu Sub Basin and DAWASA for their good cooperation with the offices of the Regional Commissioners in Coast, Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions for ensuring that the challenge that occurred last year of water shortage does not recur,” he said and added.

“On behalf of my fellow regional heads, let me assure you that we are managing well and efforts are going on to ensure that our sources continue to be protected for the benefit of the whole country,” said RC Kunenge.

Kilosa District Commissioner, Shaka Hamidu Shaka, expressed his satisfaction with the raising water levels at the Ruvu River and cautioned people living around the basin to be cautious as the heavy rains may cause flooding.

“We have seen the reality and the experts have told us that the water level has increased by 69 per cent, this is huge and encouraging trend. We should continue to encourage the protection of the environment so that we prevent drought,” said Mr Shaka.

“Also, let’s continue to take precautions as advised by the meteorological agencies to avoid the effects of these rains, including floods,” he said.

DAWASA Director of Water Production and Distribution, Shabani Mkwanywe, said that water production was stable.

Last year, Dar es Salaam suffered a severe water shortage caused by prolonged drought.

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