Health personnel commends Mwinyi for improving services  

HEALTH workers led by nurses and midwives have commended President Hussein Mwinyi for leading the Islands towards quality health care.

The health workers also thanked Dr Mwinyi for reviewing their salaries and benefits, as they commended him for examplary leadership in his two years of presidency.

“The government remains committed to support such  important cadre in the country including improving your welfare,” Dr Mwinyi reassured midwives and nurses who gathered at the Tourism College Multipurpose Hall, Maruhubi to congratulate him for  his two years  of presidency.

The isles President said that he is pleased with the great work health workers including nurses and midwives have been doing in supporting the government to achieve its dreams of improving health care services in the country.

He said the government recognizes the great contribution made by nurses and midwives in the health sector as they have been helping a lot to save people’s lives, and that in recognition of their contribution, the government has been taking various measures to improve their welfare.

“My expectations are high and you have given me the courage   that we are on the right path  in realising  the government dream  of improving the provision of health services…Inshallah, Allah (GOD) will help us achieve our objectives as we also increase facilities by constructing more, at least one in each eleven districts,” he said.

Dr Mwinyi said he wants to see Zanzibar becoming a centre of excellence, provide quality services, to enable citizens to access all important cervices in the country.

He said that having modern hospitals without dedicated and professional executives,  will still make no sense and people cannot have services they deserve, “Therefore we have decided to train and increase skilled labour in various areas requiring experts.”

President Mwinyi also drummed for Public Private Public (PPP) to improve efficiency and also engage more experts in delivery of medical care so that people can be served better, “You and I need to plan well to ensure that our new hospitals are not just buildings but good buildings with good equipment and services.”

To further improve services, President Mwinyi directed the establishment of the Directory which will be responsible for nurses and midwifery services in the Ministry of Health so that there is a clear communication link between the Ministry and the workers particularly nurses and midwives.

Dr Mwinyi also promised to work on other challenges facing nurses and midwives.

You are the one who play a great role in caring for patients. Let us move on together in making Zanzibar a place of quality medical care for all citizens and visitors.”

The President thanked the health workers for organizing a party for congratulating him for the achievements made in health sector, as the Minister of Health Zanzibar, Nassor Ahmed Mazrui also expressed his appreciation to Dr Mwinyi for being behind serious changes in the health sector.

Mr Mazrui said there is every reason for nurses and midwives to congratulate Dr Mwinyi for the great work he has been doing in the health sector in the country. He said that Zanzibar has a total of 1,676 nurses and midwives and they are working well, and that the government has also announced 815 jobs opportunities.

Speaking on behalf of fellow nurses, Ms Asha Ramadhan Salim, said, Zanzibar nurses appreciate the great efforts being taken by Dr Mwinyi in developing the economy, promoting unity, peace and stability and improving the welfare of the people of Zanzibar in various ways.

Mr Mazrui said, over the past two years of his leadership, people have witnessed the initiation of major development projects including the construction of modern hospitals, the construction of schools, markets and the improvement of various infrastructures in the community.

“Your leadership has given special priority to focus on the interests of workers and you have been promising and implementing various projects, since you were elected to power and we are all witnessing,” he said.

The Health Minister argues that without improving the health of the community and having reliable medical care, the development of individuals and the nation as a whole, will not be able to be achieved, “So we promise to continue supporting Dr Mwinyi so that he can effectively carry out his mission to ensure great and rapid progress in the health sector. “

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