Halotel supports blood donation campaigns  

IN efforts to save lives of patients in need of blood, the telecommunication company, Halotel, yesterday organised an event in Dar es Salaam for blood donation.

The blood donation was part of the company’s activities to commemorate seven years of its services in the country.

During the event, Halotel staff responded positively by  donating  blood as it has been a norm for the company to support government’s efforts  in  the health sector to address challenge of shortage of blood in hospitals and health centres.

Speaking at the event, Halotel’s Head of Marketing and Communication, Ms Sakina Makabu said: “In ensuring that we help to lessen the burden being shouldered by the government in the health sector, we though it is good to donate blood to save lives of the needy.”

She added: “Statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate that demand for blood is still high, especially among pregnant women, children and survivors of accidents and those undergoing surgeries,” she said.

Ms Makabu said donating blood was also a gesture to express company’s love to Tanzanians who were also its customers.

The company collaborated with the Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) to organize the blood donation event in the city.

Speaking during the event, MOI Public Relations Officer Patrick Mvungi said the institute was pleased with the response from Halotel and its staff in blood donation campaign.

“This shows how you value the health of citizens and the efforts being made in improving health sector in the country. This is a big step for us towards further strengthening cooperation with Halotel in improving the health sector,” he stated.

He appealed to individuals, companies and different institutions to come forward to donate blood to address shortage of blood in the national blood bank.

Apart from making great strides in provision of telecommunication services and internet connectivity, Halotel has also been in giving various donations to support the vulnerable groups.

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