Halotel Celebrates 8 Years of Success, Achieving Remarkable Milestones and Contributions in Tanzania

DAR ES SALAAM: Halotel, Telecommunication Company in Tanzania, proudly marks its 8th anniversary with a remarkable journey of growth and significant contributions to the Tanzanian community. Over the past eight years, Halotel has consistently evolved and achieved several milestones, solidifying its position as one of the largest coverage telecom operator in the country.

Halotel Brand Launch, On October 15th, 2015, Halotel made history by launching its brand in Tanzania. Notably, this launch event became the first enterprise launch to be broadcasted live on national coverage TV, demonstrating Halotel’s commitment to transparency and innovation and its strong infrastructure investment especially in rural areas and business strategy.

Halotel reached an impressive milestone of 5 million subscribers in 2021, exceeding its growth targets, which were completed one year ahead of schedule.

In 2022, Halotel celebrated another major achievement by surpassing the 8 Million subscribers mark, showcasing the company’s continued commitment to providing quality services and expanding its network reach.

Halotel’s commitment to excellence earned International recognition. In 2017, the company was honored with the prestigious Stevie Awards as the “Fastest Growing Enterprise in the Middle East and Africa.” In 2022, Halotel was recognized as the “Most Innovative Company of the Year.” The company also achieved recognition as the operator with the fastest internet speed in the market for three consecutive quarters, based on speed test market analysis by Ookla. An exceptional network performance has been achieved through Halotel’s dedicated and substantial investment in more than 1,730 4G sites across Tanzania.”

In addition to Halotel’s dedication to providing customized and affordable telecommunication services has won its three consecutive awards as the “Most Affordable and Consumer-Friendly Telecom of the Year” for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Halotel Deputy Managing Director Mr. Bui Van Thang said “Halotel has made a significant contribution to the Tanzanian government, with a total tax contribution of TZS 590,977,925,419 until 2022. The funds generated through these tax contributions have a direct impact on the country’s development and progress. They enable the government to invest in critical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and public transportation, which enhances connectivity and accessibility for citizens across the nation”.

In 2023, Halotel experienced a transformation by rebranding its logo, color, and slogan to signify the company’s growth and commitment to the telecom industry.

Halotel launched a pioneering University Program to provide free communication supplementary services to higher education students in Tanzania. The program aims to support 2 million students using Halotel network during their university years.

Halotel has been a dedicated participant in Corporate Social Responsibility, spreading hope and love among children in numerous orphanage centers. The company actively supports government initiatives in the fields of healthcare and education, making meaningful contributions to the Muhimbili National Orthopedic Institute (MOI) through impactful blood donation campaigns. These efforts incorporate providing essential medical and basic necessities to children and their caregivers who are receiving treatment at MOI for conditions like Hydrocephalus and Spinal Bifida. Halotel’s commitment to the well-being of these children while they undergo medical treatment at the hospital is a testament to its dedication to their care and support.”

“Alongside other investors, Halotel remains steadfast in its commitment to contributing to the overall development of Tanzania and supporting its communities. To date, the company has generated over 800 direct employment opportunities for Tanzanians, and it continues to actively promote and create additional employment opportunities within the country.” Mr. Thang Added.

One of Halotel’s notable achievements is the transfer of managerial positions to locals, empowering them to utilize their skills for the company’s development.

“Our journey of 8 years has been marked by consistent innovation, customer-centric services, and a strong commitment to the Tanzanian community. We are proud of our achievements, and we look forward to continued growth, contributing to the development of this great nation.” Mr. Thang Stated.

Halotel is excited about the future and remains dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality telecommunications services to the people of Tanzania while continuing to make a positive impact on the community.

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