Gunmen storm television studio live on air

ECUADOR, Quito:  Masked gunmen have broken into a live television studio in Ecuador and threatened terrified staff.

Employees were forced on to the floor during the broadcast by the public television channel TC in the city of Guayaquil before the live feed cut out.

Police say they later freed all the staff and made 13 arrests. The station said two employees were injured.

At least 10 people have been killed since a 60-day state of emergency began in Ecuador on Monday.

President Daniel Noboa, 36, declared a 60-day state of emergency and nightly curfew on Monday following the escape of Jose Adolfo Macias, aka “Fito”, the leader of Ecuador’s biggest gang, Los Choneros. Macias was serving a 34-year sentence at the La Regional prison in the port city of Guayaquil.

In neighbouring Peru, the government ordered the immediate deployment of a police force to the border to prevent any instability crossing into the country.

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