GST design alternative pots for dissolution gold sample

GEOLOGICAL Survey of Tanzania (GST) has designed alternative pots for smelting gold ore samples at a high temperature up to 1,400 degrees Celsius to help small scale miners get the accurate result from gold sample tests.

GST Laboratory Chemist, Ms Delphina Izahaki said the government agency has come up with the innovations, as part of initiatives to help small scale miners to be able to work with appropriate and quality equipment.

Ms Delphina made the remarks recently when speaking to Nyang’hwale District Commissioner, Jamhuri William, who visited the Bombambili grounds in Geita region, where the fifth mining Technology Exhibitions are held.

“These pots are of higher quality, they can withstand heat of more than 1000 degree Celsius as the raw materials used to make these pots withstand higher temperature.

“These pots can be used more than once, the pots will increase efficiency of smallscale miners’ activities. They are more reliable on gold sample tasting,” he explained.

Senior GST Geologist, Ms Melania Nyimbo said the innovation aims to reduce the effects of chemicals used by small miners including Cyanide and Mercury and encourage the use of alternative technologies.

“We are a government institution; we encourage small-scale miners to work with GST on identifying and carrying out feasibility study of gold samples,” she added.

DC William urged GST to reach small miners in their areas and provide them with accurate information on alternative technologies so that they improve their mining activities.

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