Grumeti Reserves investment fosters village development in Serengeti

Grumeti Reserves remains the most important investor supporting community development in areas bordering Ikorongo- Grumeti Game Reserves and the Ikona wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Serengeti District of Mara region, according to a local government leader.

“Indeed, Grumeti is a very helpful investor in many ways. From time to time, the company supports education for our children and sponsors other community development activities,” Park Nyigoti Village government chairman, Mr Mtiro Kitigani said, adding that the presence of the Grumeti Reserves has made the villagers to enjoy the fruits of wildlife conservation.

Elaborating, he hinted that the village received more than 160 m/- recently from the Ikona WMA as a plough back or for simply as the conservation benefits.

Significant part of the Ikona WMA revenue comes from Grumeti Reserves, an ecotourism company that owns and runs world class luxurious lodges in Western Serengeti.

“Conservation of wildlife is beneficial to us because our people have to contribute for the development projects and this has been the practice since we established Ikona WMA”, the local government leader told journalists yesterday.

Kitigani called upon the villagers to continue supporting ongoing anti- poaching efforts at Ikona WMA and the game reserves which form integral part of the Serengeti ecosystem.

Equally, he noted that part of the village income received recently will be directed towards construction of a new community secondary school, in a village whose inhabitants live near the game-protected areas, including the world-famous Serengeti National Park.

“We will allocate about 50 m/- for construction of the first secondary school in our village. It is necessary that we have a secondary school around here due to the geographical location of our village,” Kitigani pointed out.

Part of the money will be injected into putting final touches on the teachers’ staffroom at the public primary school, the local government leader said.

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