Great strides as TEA implements 10.9bn/ projects

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) has successfully implemented a total of 132 projects worth over 10.9bn/-, aimed at improving education infrastructure in 151 schools nationwide during the financial year 2022/2023.

TEA has disbursed over 20bn/- as subsidies to 49,000 beneficiaries for skills development training in sectors such as agriculture, commercial farming, information communication technology (ICT), tourism and hospitality, and works and transport between 2019/2020 and 2022/2023.

Acting Director of Resource Mobilisation and Education Support at TEA, Mr Masonzi Nyirenda, disclosed this while presenting the authority’s implementation report to the media in Dar es Salaam on Monday.

The report outlined various projects, including classrooms, laboratories, teachers’ houses, school toilets, offices, dormitories, and teaching materials.

“A total of over 3.3bn/- has been spent on erecting 114 classrooms in 38 schools, including 2 secondary schools and 36 primary schools, which are expected to benefit up to 6,840 students,” said Nyirenda.

He further explained that out of the 114 classrooms, 85 have been completed, 30 are in the final stages, and the remaining nine are halfway to completion.

Additionally, 10 laboratories have been constructed in five secondary schools at a cost of over 590 million TZS, with the aim of benefiting approximately 450 students. Eight laboratories have been completed and two are in the final stage.

The construction of 52 houses for teachers in 13 schools, worth over 2.7bn/-, has also been undertaken. This project includes seven primary schools and six secondary schools, and it aims to benefit around 52 teachers and their families. The houses are in the final stages of completion.

Furthermore, 888 school toilet holes, valued at over 2bn/-, have been constructed in 37 schools, including 29 primary schools and 8 secondary schools. The toilet holes project aims to benefit 21,312 students and pupils. Currently, 120 toilet holes have been completed, 600 are in the finishing stage, and 168 are in the walling and roofing stage.

Moreover, over 609m/- has been used to implement infrastructure for students with special needs in eight schools (seven primary schools and one secondary school). This includes 10 classrooms, 50 toilet holes, and three dormitories. The project is expected to benefit around 2,010 students with special needs. Four of the projects have been finalised, two are in the finishing stage and two others are in the walling and roofing stage.

Similarly, over 1.5bn/- has been invested in girls’ dormitories in 12 secondary schools, aiming to accommodate 1,440 girls and 120 boys. Currently, six dormitories have been completed, five are in the finishing stage and one is in the foundation stage.

Also, seven administration buildings have been constructed in seven secondary schools at a cost of 754m/-, with the goal of accommodating 420 teachers. Two of the projects have been completed, two are in the finishing stage, and three are in the walling and roofing stage.

Other projects include the improvement of infrastructure and procurement of teaching tools at the Karume Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), and the Benjamin Mkapa Pemba Campus. These projects, costing 500m/-, aim to benefit around 700 students and lecturers. The SUZA project is completed, and KIST is in the final stage.

Dr Kipesha also mentioned other projects that were executed with the support of stakeholders, such as the training of 55 youths in tourism and hospitality courses at VETA Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (VHTTI)-Njiro in Arusha. This project, which cost over 55m/-, was carried out in collaboration with Asilia Giving.

Earlier, TEA Director General Dr Erasmus Kipesha outlined the authority’s roles, which include financing education projects at all levels to enhance quality and equal access, as per the country’s set guidelines and policies.

TEA also aims to build collaborations with local and foreign institutions and mobilise funds through project drafting and donations from development partners to further improve the education sector.

“Between 2019/2020 and 2023/2024, the authority raised a total of over 1.4 billion TZS in cash and kind from various stakeholders, including the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), Asilia Giving Company, which deals with tourism in Arusha, and the Flaviana Matata Foundation.

In-kind donations were received from Yalin Global Company, SAMAKIBA Foundation, Camara Education Tanzania, BRAC Maendeleo Tanzania, Baobab Shalom Limited, Darsh Industries Limited, Nissan Tanzania, Sayari Safi and the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).”

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