Govt’s focus on strategic projects in next 3 years

The government has vowed to continue implementing strategic projects in the next three years.

Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa made the statement on Thursday during the ongoing Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) National Congress in Dodoma saying that the government is strong and well equipped to continue working hard in accomplishing all its plans.

“We are not asleep and will not sleep, we shall keep working…all the important areas that our manifesto has directed us to focus on and all instructions given by the President, we are surely going to accomplish them,” the Premier said.

Mr Majaliwa further mentioned the various areas where the government has succeeded in accomplishing its goals while saying that the move still goes on.

“We will continue to ensure that public servants are loyal by serving the society diligently bribery or corruption, a lot has been done in community services, health, the constructing of hospitals, water, free education, funding higher education through the Samia Scholarship which will continue to sponsor Tanzanian children, road infrastructures, bridges, the constructions of bridges and airports, ports,” Mr Majaliwa stated.

However, he said the government’s intention is to protect the country from facing famine where it has put in more efforts in strengthening the agriculture sector “this year’s budget in agriculture was increased from 294bn/- to 954bn/-,” he added.

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