Govt warns against erecting illegal road bumps

THE government on Wednesday threatened stern legal measures against people who erect illegal road bumps, risking the safety of motorists and other road users.

Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Communication and Transport Nadir Abdullatif Yussuf told the House of Representatives that it was a criminal offense for an individual or group of people to construct bumps on the road without following proper procedures.

He said the ministry conducts routine monthly inspections to identify damages and take appropriate remedial measures, including destruction of illegally constructed road bumps, which unnecessarily inconvenience motorists and sometimes cause accidents.

The deputy minister was answering a question by Tumbe Representative Said Saleh Salim who decried indiscriminate construction of road bumps by wananchi and demanded to know the government measures to address the problem.

Mr Nadir warned against the malpractice, saying the road Act criminalises placement of any object on the road and road reserves, noting however that many people erect the road bumps during the night.

So, far the government has not arrested anybody regarding the malpractice, he informed the house.

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