Govt vows to encourage planting more mangroves to boost carbon trading

THE government has reiterated its commitment to encourage planting of more mangroves in coastal areas to enhance carbon trading and address effects of climate change.

The assurance was made on Wednesday by the Minister of State in the Vice-President Office (Union and Environment), Dr Selemani Jafo, during a meeting with members of the Parliamentary Committee on subsidiary legislations.

The meeting was a follow up on implementation of resolutions made during the previous Parliament sessions which discussed about the analysis of the subsidiary legislations.

Dr Jafo admitted that coastal areas were facing the challenge of being eaten up by sea water due to increased sea depth, so the government continues dealing with the challenge by building walls and ridges to reduce the speed of the sea waves.

Speaking about carbon trading, he noted the government invites investors to use the opportunity of planting mangroves in the coastal areas that face environmental challenges.

He also explained that in some coastal areas, mangroves are swept by sea water, a situation which causes the shores of the sea to erode, hence causing floods.

Minister Jafo further encouraged farmers to continue cultivating cash crops, arguing that such crops apart from giving them profit, will also benefit from the carbon trade.

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