Govt urges entrepreneurs to embrace innovation

THE government has urged entrepreneurs in the country to embrace more digital innovation to penetrate both local and global markets.

The Ministry of Social Development, Gender, Women and Special Groups, Permanent Secretary Dr Zainab Chaula made the statement in Dar es Salaam at the weekend during the first meeting with the GS1 Tanzania responsible for giving the barcodes to local products.

She said there are various opportunities to boost the entrepreneurs’ economy that have not been achieved despite the country’s employment problem, claiming GS1 is a good platform to achieve the goal.

“There is a need to concentrate more on digitalisation to grasp the opportunity to penetrate both local and global markets,” she said.

She added, Dr Chaula said the ministry has a unit to provide interest-free loans to women so it is better to use the opportunity to fight against the challenge of capital to producers.

“The government is ready to put in place good systems well as a good environment for entrepreneurs, so there is no room for complains but to grasp the opportunity,” she added.

Moreover, she congratulated the government retirees who are continuing to comply with the government in promoting development saying it is important to promote the logo of Tanzanian products to promote business for the majority to buy the products.

The Kinondoni District Commissioner, Mr Saad Mlembuka said the GS1 has modified the business logo for products that are produced in the country, calling upon the entrepreneurs to use the platform.

Furthermore, the GS1 Tanzania Chief Executive Director, Ms Fatma Kange said there are about 30,000 products in Tanzania that have been given the barcodes logo since its existence, calling upon more products to be registered.

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