Govt: TZ- Denmark relations stable

THE government has said that the relationship between Tanzania and Denmark is stable and that is why there are Tanzanians conducting businesses in the Scandinavian country.

The PM assured Tanzanians that besides Denmark, the country has also commendable relations with other friendly countries, and this can be proved through its embassies in the countries.

PM Majaliwa was responding to speculations from Chake Chake Member of Parliament, Ramadhan Suleiman Ramadhan ((CCM), who wanted to know the government’s stance on the reports that some countries have announced to close their embassies in Tanzania including Danish embassy.

The PM said coincidentally about two weeks ago, he communicated with the Prime Minister of Denmark and discussed on how to improve the good relations between the two countries.

He said that through the conversation, he learned that Denmark has decided to change its policies, and they are planning to shut down some of their offices in Africa with the hope of realising the needs of their new policies.

“They have now decided to concentrate their efforts on unstable countries, which have security issues. Tanzania is a safe country, and recently I also spoke with Denmark’s Ambassador to Tanzania and we discussed on the possibilities of them remaining here,” said the PM.

He said that because talks are still in progress, they believe that the decision by Denmark to close offices in several countries by 2024 will not affect Tanzania, because the two countries have been working closely for so many years.

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