Govt to transfer land councils service to judiciary system

THE government is in the final stages on the process of transferring land councils to the judiciary system to increase efficiency, the National Assembly was told on Wednesday.

Deputy Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Pauline Gekul told the lawmakers that her ministry, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Chief Court Administrator and the entire judicial system were working closely towards the plan.

The deputy minister made the explanation in response to a supplementary question asked by the Itilima MP, Njalu Silanga (CCM), who had wanted to know what the government was doing to improve performance of the land councils in solving conflicts.

The MP argued that effectiveness of the councils was invisible since they were few and not existing in some areas, forcing people incur cost in search of the services.

“When shall the government transfer the services rendered by land councils to the judicial system?” he asked.

In his main question, Silanga had also wanted to know the possibility of establishing land tribunals under the judiciary.

In response, the deputy minister explained that the process to solve land conflicts start at village and ward councils both of which, have the ability and powers to help find solutions.

She added that it is the district land and housing councils that have the authority to solve land conflicts in the country and any aggrieved party, not satisfied by resolutions is allowed to appeal to the High Court.

On the existence of land court within the judiciary, the deputy minister said the High Court has a department dealing with land issues.

“The government will continue improving land councils and see how best to empower them or transfer them to the judiciary” said Minister Gekul.

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