Govt to study mineral deposits in the country 

THE Ministry of Minerals is now implementing a strategic plan for mineral research in the country which will help to conduct studies in at least 50 per cent of the country to get a comprehensive report in the sector including clean energy minerals.

The plan, according to the Minister for Minerals, Dr Dotto Biteko, has already sampled key priority areas depending on the type of minerals which have high demand in the world market.

“In meeting this target, my ministry is in conversation with the Private sector which has expressed interest in collaborating with the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) in order to facilitate a thorough strategic mineral research, because the technology on exploration, mining and increasing the value chain in minerals is costful,” he noted.

Dr Biteko was speaking in the august House when responding to a question by Special Seats lawmaker, Jesca Kishoa (CHADEMA) who wanted to know the government’s plan in empowering GST to conduct research on minerals that are on high demand in the world market that can be used in getting clean energy.

Responding, Dr Biteko said that until now it was only 16 per cent of the country that had been surveyed thoroughly to identify the type and gravity of minerals which are obtained through High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Survey.

This technology is performed with the aid of fixed-wing aircrafts or helicopters. These measurements can show different properties of the bedrock or soils, from ground level down to several kilometers depth, depending on the method used.

The information obtained is an important foundation for bedrock mapping, mineral exploration and physical planning.

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