Govt to build 2000-kilometre roads this year

TANZANIA is set to make history with the government eyeing to ink a deal next month for the construction project of 2000 kilometre roads this year.

Making the revelation at Itigi during the signing ceremony on Sunday, the Minister for Works and Transport Prof Makame Mbarawa, said the project would involve the 24.83 km part covering Sibiti Bridge, Makongolosi-Ruangwa-Itigi-Mkiwa 6km long and Noranga to Doroto section as well as Itigi-Mkiwa 25.569 km at tarmac level.

He noted that in the plan, 1,780km road network linking the country’s regions will be built with tarmac to facilitate movement of people and goods within and across Tanzania’s borders.

Prof Mbarawa added: “Such roads will comprise Handeni-Kibirashi-Singida (462 km), Arusha-Kongwa Junction (438 km), Mbulu-Hydom (400 km) and Ifakara-Lupilo-Malinyi-Namtumbo (480 km).

“This is a historic project ever to be witnessed in the country…every time we are implementing road projects it has always been categorised into various sections. About 2000 km at one time is a new record in our country’s history.”

Elaborating, the minister said: “Each year the ministry signs road construction contracts which do not exceed 400 km, but this year in June, the country will be inking the road project deal of 1,780 km stretch.”

As the work will commence, a contractor has already been found and will concentrate on the Handeni-Kibirashi-Singida (462 km).

On the Singida part, Prof Mbarawa noted that the project will start soon and link trading centres with the Northern, Central, Southern Highlands and Lake Zone Regions.

“The construction of Noranga-Doroto and Itigi-Mkiwa is a continuation of the government’s efforts to open up the entire Makongorosi-Rungwa -Itigi to Mkiwa at tarmac level, there ease passage of goods and movement of people between Singida and Mbeya regions,” he pointed out.

However, he urged Singida regional authorities to accord maximum cooperation to the contractor- China Henan International Cooperation Group Co Ltd (CHICO) and other experts for the roads to be completed on time and at the agreed standards.

He added: “The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) should ensure the youth in Singida are given priority in getting local jobs during the project’s execution so as to benefit them in generating incomes.

“Upon their finalisation, they will easily connect regions including Singida, Simiyu, Shinyanga, Arusha, Dodoma and Tabora, benefiting Singida with various economic activities including agriculture, tourism and trade.”

In response, TANROADS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Engineer Rogatus Mativila said the work will be executed professionally and Sibiti Bridge work completed on time.

He, however, noted that the implementation of the project will also involve the expansion of large and small culverts, construction of water channels in areas where banks have been eroded.

Speaking on behalf of Singida lawmakers, the Manyoni West Legislator, Mr Yahaya Massare (CCM) hailed the government, adding that the work is development oriented in the region.

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