Govt spends 20bn/- on building Geita referral hospital

THE government has spent 20.1bn/- on construction of new buildings for the Geita Regional Referral Hospital with a view to improve access to health.

Geita Regional Referral Hospital Officer, Dr Mfaume Salum, presented the project over the weekend to the CCM’s Vice Chairman (Mainland), Abdulrahman Kinana.

Dr Mfaume explained that the first phase of construction involved six buildings and they are currently completed, including the Outpatient Building (OPD) at a cost of 2.4bn/-.

He explained, the 1.1bn/- has been spent on setting up the radiation and surgery building while the laundry building has been completed at cost of 219m/-.

“The restaurant building has cost 372m/-, the laboratory had cost 844m/- and the building for storing gas cylinders is completed at a cost of 600m/-.”

He explained the second phase of the project is on progress involving Mother and Child Care Building, the sewage system, electricity and fencing at a cost of 13.2bn/- and the Staff Building at a cost of s 90m/-.

“There are two buildings that are in the final stages which are the Emergency Patient Building and the Intense Care Unit (ICU) and they are all being built using the force account system at a cost of 1.2bn/-.

The Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) Geita Regional Manager Engineer Gladius Jefta said the project started in 2017 and the first phase has been completed by 99 per cent and TBA has supervised the construction of buildings to meet the service criteria for all groups.

Mr Kinana congratulated the region for the good project management and assured them of fully support from the Sixth Phase government to keep productive projects for the nation.

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