Govt restricts transfer of civil servants under probation

DEPUTY Minister of State in the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG) Deogratius Ndejembi has instructed all District Executive Directors (DED’s) not to approve transfer of civil servants who haven’t completed their probation period.

He said approving transfer of the new employees is among the reasons for a continued shortage of civil servants in health and education cadres in the rural settings.

Mr Ndejembi issued the instructions while responding to supplementary questions by Liwale MP Zuberi Kuchauka and a Special Seats MP, Agness Hokororo both on CCM ticket who expressed their concern on the shortage of civil servants in councils located in rural settings.

While Mr Kuchauka wanted to know the government initiatives in controlling massive transfer of civil servants who have been posted in Liwale District in Lindi Region, Ms Hokororo was concerned with the shortage of medical personnel and teachers in the new councils.

Responding, the deputy minister said the government has been taking a number of initiatives to control the regular transfer of the public servants who have been posted to work in rural areas.

“I want to instruct all DEDs across the country not to approve the transfer of these employees who have not completed their probation period and worked for at least three years since their first date of appointment,” he said.

Earlier, Mr Ndejembi told the Parliament that the government is finalizing the process of allocating new 8,070 employees in the health sector, whose vacancies were announced early this year.

“The posts are to be filled before the end of the current financial year 2022/23, with consideration being given to councils that are in high need,” he said.

The deputy minister was responding to a question by Special Seats MP Minza Mjika who sought to know when the government would recruit health workers for the Meatu district hospital in Shinyanga region.

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