Govt pledges more investment in marine sector

THE government has said it continues to improve transport and transportation services at Great Lakes.

Minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Mwigulu Nchemba unveiled this while presenting to the National Assembly the estimates of government revenue and expenditure for 2023/24 in Dodoma yesterday.

He said that as of April this year, the progress made in projects implementation included the construction of the MV Mwanza Hapa Kazi Tu (Victoria) with a capacity of 1,200 passengers and 400 tonnes of cargo which is at 83 per cent.

He said also that the project will involve the rehabilitation of MV Umoja (Victoria) which is at 83.24 per cent and rehabilitation of MV Sangara (Tanganyika) 90.7 per cent.

He said the government has continued with procurement of a contractor for the rehabilitation of three new marine vessels, namely MV Liemba (Tanganyika), MV Nyangumi (Victoria), and MV Ukerewe (Victoria).

Also the project will involve construction of a dockyard, of which two ships and dockyard will be built at Lake Tanganyika and one ship at Lake Victoria.

In a bid to strengthen marine transport and transportation, Prof Makame Mbawara, the Minister for Works and Transport said while presenting his ministry’s budget estimates that a total of 100bn/- has been allocated and would be used by Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL) to manufacture a 3,500 tonnes capacity cargo ship, a passenger ship with a capacity to carry 600 people and 400 tonnes of cargo along the Lake Tanganyika.

“It will include construction of a shipyard along Lake Tanganyika, rehabilitation of MV Liemba along Lake Tanganyika, major renovation to tanker vessels, MV Ukerewe and MV Nyangumi plying along Lake Victoria,” he said.

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