Govt plans to build cargo ship

DEPUTY Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works and Transport Dr Ally Possi has said that the government is planning to build a cargo ship to ferry goods by sea in the country.

According to Dr Possi, the vessel will be used to ship goods to various destinations including Comoros, Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Pemba, Tanga among other areas.

He made the revelation here over the weekend, when briefing journalists on the government’s plans to increase efficiency of operations for Mtwara Port.

“As you all know, the government is currently building ships for fresh waters (lakes) but plans are on pipeline to build a cargo fish that will be transporting goods by sea on the Coast of Tanzania,” he said.

Dr Possi said for now, the government is drawing the initial plans on design, size, and the required materials on the kind of vessel to be built.

Mtwara Port Acting Manager Engineer Norbert Kalembwe told Dr Possi that the port has witnessed a surge in coal handling, a move he described as promising in improving port productivity.

He said much as the port capacity is to handle one million tonnes of cargo annually, in this financial year (July-December), the terminal has already handled a total of 779,233 tonnes of cargo, meaning by end of June, this year, they will handle more than the capacity.

He further said that out of the 779,233 tonnes of cargo, coal consignment was 614,380 tonnes. Coal has been exported to various parts of the world including the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Senegal, Ghana, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and India.

The port started receiving coal for export on October 31, 2021 and the actual tonnes handled so far is 1,094,908 tonnes. The port receives at least five coal vessels per month.

“We started slowly with one vessel that had the capacity of carrying 50,000 tonnes of coal per month but the figure is now surging and this January, we were able to transport 150,000 tonnes of coal,” he said.

The volume increased to 592,365 tonnes in the year to June 30, 2022 compared to 177,388 tonnes handled in 2020/2021.

According to the Mtwara Port management, the terminal’s target was serving 377,700 tonnes per year.

Indeed, coal is already dominating the exports for the current financial year, with July and August witnessing coal accounting for 169,571 tonnes out of 215,715 tonnes handled at the Mtwara Port.

The TPA is making enough to protect the environment, since transporting coal carries with it a volume of dust which is a threat to the environment and causes pollution to people living near this port.

“We have come up with short and long term plans to deal with the challenge. In short term plans, we have erected special nets at the compound where the coal is stored before being loaded into the ships,” he said.

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