Govt opt for stringent actions against sound polluters 

THE government has issued a seven-day ultimatum to all places of worship, bars, clubs, social halls and business operators who engage in sound pollution to stop or else face closure.

Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office (Union Affairs and Environment), Dr Selemani Jafo said that despite numerous reminders regarding sound pollution, some operators continue to disobey the order.

Dr Jafo said the government has earmarked notorious operators in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Kigoma, Dodoma and Mtwara who play high frequencies music.

He said his office has received a number of complaints from the public over the noise pollution that has caused adverse healthy and psychological effects.

In his meeting with media, Dr Jafo directed the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) to make a close follow to those engaged in noise pollution and should not keep on playing music in high sounds the places should be shut out.

The minister said it has come to the government’s attention that many religious and recreation points have been operating against their licenses, because the documents have made clear on required sound levels and time limits.

Despite several reminders, the social joints operators do not respect the orders, thus causing healthy and psychological torture to patients, students, elders as well as premature deaths among others.

The noisy pollution has been largely contributed by the increasing economic and social activities as well technological advancement in residential, public transport, machinery and recreation areas.

The government came up with the guidelines to control noisy and sound pollution but some have been purposely not obeying the rules.

He directed business and churches playing music on high sounds to stop the trend or else they will; be closed down.

Dr Jafo said despite imposing fine from time to time but some have been keeping on the trend of playing music in high sounds thus the government cannot tolerate the situation any longer.

The minister called upon the public to report noisy pollution cases to their nearby local government for further action.

Dr Jafo directed the sectoral ministries to, public institutions and regional and local authorities to ensure they run their duties according to the stated guidelines regarding sound and noisy pollution.

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