Govt: Msomera relocation a noble cause

TANGA: THE government has insisted that the voluntary relocation of residents from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) to Msomera village in Handeni District, Tanga Region, is a noble cause aimed at improving the livelihoods of the households involved.

It strongly dispelled misinformation being spread by some quarters about the relocation procedure, stating that the process remained well-planned and that those who have already voluntarily relocated can attest to the significant benefits of the exercise.

Speaking to journalists in Msomera village on Wednesday, Chief Government Spokesperson Mr Mobhare Matinyi said that the exercise is proceeding as planned.

He insisted that the government is committed to ensuring that all necessary social services are provided to the relocated people.

Giving an update on the relocation exercise, Mr Matinyi, who also serves as Director of Information Services for MAELEZO, said that as of January 12th of this year, a total of 677 households with 3,822 people and 18,102 livestock had voluntarily been relocated to Msomera village, as well as other regions such as Simiyu, Coast, Manyara and Arusha.

“Tomorrow, (today) another 72 households with 515 people will arrive here (Msomera) for settlement, and many more will keep coming as the exercise to build their settlements is ongoing,” he said.

Mr Matinyi strongly dispelled unfounded information spread by some civil societies and others who have been spreading false information about the procedure. He stressed that instead of continuing to disseminate false information, the doors are open for anyone who would like to visit and see for themselves what is happening on the ground.

“They talk about things without really being sure what they are all about… some of them are completely ignorant about Tanzania and Ngorongoro,” he said.

He also said that some people propagate false information simply because they like to oppose anything the government does.

“They don’t have time to conduct their research or assess the reality, but if they hear something has been done by the government, they just oppose it,” he said.

Regarding the improvement of infrastructure, Mr Matinyi said that the government has continued to offer various incentives to the relocating households. These include improved social services such as roads, water, electricity, communications, healthcare services, primary and secondary schools.

He mentioned that about 150 kilometres of road network out of 800 kilometres have already been constructed by the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA).

However, he noted that the government has also put in place important social services infrastructure, such as the construction of 10 water wells, the provision of electricity and the construction of a primary school.

Furthermore, Mr Matinyi said that the government is constructing livestock dips, grazing land, water dams for livestock, a modern auction centre and milk collection stations.

“The construction of a state-of-the-art secondary school is underway. This modern facility will include a high-standard science laboratory. The government will also construct a modern health centre,” he said.

He added that each family voluntarily shifting to Msomera is given a modern three-bedroom house built on a two-and-a-half-acre and a five-acre farm, all accompanied by certificates of occupancy.

Mr Matinyi also said that apart from being provided with a three-bedroom house, the government has set aside 10 million Tanzanian shillings as compensation for each household that has voluntarily registered to be relocated to Msomera village and other areas, to help them smoothly start a new life.

Furthermore, he said that the government will provide food for 18 months, with every family receiving two sacks of maize every three months.

The government plans to relocate approximately 20,000 households, comprising about 115,000 people, from the NCA. This plan aims to protect the lives of people and animals and preserve the biodiversity of a well-known global heritage site.

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