Govt licences Ikinabushu Gold Mine

SIMIYU: THE government has officially licensed small scale mining activities at Ikinabushu Gold Mine in Bariadi District, Simiyu Region involved in a tragedy last month killing about 22 miners.

During his visits at the mining area recently, Minister for Minerals, Mr Anthony Mavunde, directed issuance of the license to formalise the mining activities.

Speaking here , Simiyu Regional Commissioner Mr Yahaya Nawanda said, “We have responded to Minister’ directives, handing over the license to this group of small scale miners,” However, the RC made the call to license holders to adhere to mining rules and regulations, including government’ levies payments mineral smuggling avoidance.

He said stern legal measures will be taken against defiant, as the government improves the mining environment for betterments of both parties. On his part Simiyu Regional Mineral Officer, Mr Maige Makolobela, declared an official start of mining operations in all Ikinabushu mining pits, including the fallen ones.

He also stressed the need to stick to mining guidelines, including environmental protection as well as tax payments.

“We have already directed what should be done to the fallen mining pits, for operations’ to resume,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the small scale miners, the Chairman of the group of small scale miners in the area Mr Ashirafu Omary commended the government efforts towards improving the mining environments, assuring the members’ adherence to all mining conditions.

Some of the improvements include issuance of licenses on time as well as providing the mining sites to only small-scale miners.

“We are also thankful that we are back at the site a few days after the accident. We assure the cooperation,” he said.

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