Govt instructs DEDs to allocate funds for school infrastructure

DODOMA: THE government has instructed local government authorities across the country to allocate funds for improving school infrastructure.

The Deputy Minister in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities), Zainab Katimba issued the directive yesterday when responding to queries from backbenchers who inquired about the government’s plans to improve school infrastructure in their constituencies, including fences to ensure the safety of pupils and students.

“Local government authorities have the responsibility to allocate funds from their own sources for improving school infrastructure, including building fences to safeguard our school-going children.

“I therefore direct all LGAs to ensure they allocate funds to build key school infrastructure by considering their priorities,” she stated, insisting that the government will continue to construct school infrastructure in an effort to expand enrollment.

In a supplementary question, asked on his behalf by Kilolo MP Justine Nyamoga, MP Nicholaus Sanga (CCM) wanted to know when the government will construct a fence around Igunga Secondary School.

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In her response, Deputy Minister Katimba said in the 2023/24 financial year, the government issued 58m/- for the construction of two classrooms and five toilet holes at Igunga Secondary School for A-level students, adding that in the next financial year, Igunga Council has allocated 55m/- from internal sources for the construction of the fence.

“The government recognizes the significance of a fence in protecting properties and boarding students. However, currently the central government’s priority is the construction of basic infrastructures which would increase student enrollment,” said Ms. Katimba

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