Govt initiates talks with Mchuchuma, investors to avert loss

MINISTRY of Investment, Industry and Trade has initiated talks with the investor at the Mchuchuma and Liganga coal project in efforts to ensure the investment does not cause loss to the nation, the National Assembly heard yesterday.

Deputy Minister of the docket, Exaud Kigahe made the statement while responding to a question asked by Special Seats MP, Neema Mgaya (CCM), who had wanted to know when the government would sign agreement with the investor.

“When will the government complete talks with the investor in order for the project to commence and contribute to the national economic growth?” asked the lawmaker.

In response, the deputy minister said the government is committed to seeing the projects’ commencement and continuity.

He noted that it has taken various steps towards that plan. According to Kigahe, such steps include payment of 15.42bn/- in compensation to some 1,142 people.

“The government has started talks with the investor in order to ensure that the project does not turn out to be hazardous to the nation” said the deputy minister.

Meanwhile, the government has stated that preparation of annual budget and development plan is in line with the national vision 2025.

Deputy Minister for Finance and Planning, Hamad Hassan Chande made the clarification in the Parliament yesterday while responding to a question asked by Hai MP, Saashisha Mafuwe (CCM).

The MP had wanted to know the government’s plan to change the system of budget preparation and make it more than five years.

The deputy minister in response said the government budget is always within the Vision 2025, whose implementation is under long term of 15 years from 2011/12-2025/26.

He said the long term implementation has been divided into three terms of five years’ development plans of 2011/12 – 2015/16, 2016/17 – 2020/21 and 2021/22 – 2025/26).

“The government is preparing a budget that reflects on five years’ development plan with a vision of more than five years and being part of the implementation of Vision 2025” said the deputy minister.

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