Govt hailed for reviving key NHC projects

THE Parliamentary Public Investment Committee (PIC) has congratulated the government for reviving the Nation Housing Corporation’s (NHC) projects that had stalled since 2017.

Speaking in a media briefing in Dar es Salaam on Sunday after reviewing the status of Samia Housing Scheme, NHC Kawe City, and NHC Morocco Square Residential Tower projects, PIC Committee Chairman Jerry Silaa hailed the government for keeping the projects rolling.

He said there was still a high demand for housing in the country hence the completion of these projects would help to ease the demand.

Moreover, Mr Silaa said NHC is a reliable corporation for housing service provision for Tanzanians because the way it provides housing to the people leads to saving the time they would have spent on finding plots and supervising contractors during construction, instead they spend that time on development activities.

“NHC does all those jobs. You just take the keys and start living. The time you would spend managing the contractors will be spent doing other jobs to generate income,” said Silaa.

He added that the corporation undertakes construction activities at a low cost since it hires nearly all of its workers from within the country and sources its building supplies from local industries.

The PIC chairman called on the government to support commercial corporation like NHC, while they are making their plans, as they need to provide services and  make profit.

“When we establish an organisation, we appoint directors, we appoint a board, and we need to trust it. We need to let it work with the goals they set for themselves and comply with the law of the country so that they reach the goals without facing stumbling blocks,” advised Silaa.

On his part, the NHC’s Director General, Hamad Abdallah, thanked the PIC for positive ideas and advice. He promised that the corporation would work on them.

Speaking about the NHC Morocco Square Residential Tower project, he said that it is going to be a unique project in East Africa that will include shopping malls, modern hotels, offices, residential houses, and playing grounds.

He said because the project is 97 per cent completed, it will soon be possible for shopping mall planners to begin doing fit-outs and shelf placement in order to open for business.

In regards to the Samia Housing Scheme project, he stated that the foundation level and ground floor of the project have been completed and that work on the first floor has started. Additionally, he urged Tanzanians to be enthusiastic about the project, which will result in the construction of 560 homes, of which 80 per cent have already been sold.

He said this shows that there is still a great demand for housing in the city of Dar es Salaam and other areas of Tanzania.

He said the NHC project on plot 711 at Kawe Beach is expected to restart in July, and the contractor will return to the site to complete the project of 422 residential houses, playgrounds, and business areas.

He further explained that because the majority of the supplied materials are bought directly from local factories and a total of 300 Tanzanians have been employed so far, the project will be managed at the proper cost.

“We plan to create more jobs once we begin operating day and night, when we will require roughly 500 personnel during the day and night,” he said.

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