Govt gives second chance to exam cheats

A TOTAL of 140 Form Four students from Thaqaafa Secondary School whose examination results were annulled for allegedly cheating will be required to repeat the exams to demonstrate their ability.

The government also has said that all exam supervisors involved in examination leakages and cheating will be held accountable.

Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Professor Adolf Mkenda revealed that recently in his meeting with parents and guardians of students whose examination results were cancelled by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) due to cheating.

The parents and guardians asked for government mercy, so that their children are allowed to repeat the exams.

Prof Mkenda said that the students will be allowed to repeat the exams after the prior investigation by the government revealed that the school was involved in examination malpractices and students were provided with examination answers a night before the exam.

He said the school committed serious exam cheating and theft as 140 students out of 162 candidates who sat for the exam last year had similar answers in all questions they attempted something he said is very rare in academics.

“Students were directed to help one another in examination  room, some moved out of the room  and went to toilet and  later returned with answers … only one student who was against the plan was beaten,” Prof Mkenda revealed.

He added that, “detailed evidences are available from the prior investigation carried out by the police force by interrogating students involved in the cheating and recorded them.

Prof Mkenda named Najumu Zakaria, a teacher at Thaqaafa Secondary School as the one who allegedly offered the candidates answers, adding that he was still under policy scrutiny.

He said upon completion of the investigation, stern measures will be taken against all those who will be found guilty including sacking all workers who facilitated the cheating such as police and staff who supervised the exam, the school owner will also be accountable.

Prof Mkenda said  the arrangement for another exam will be done by preparing another exam for all students whose results were annulled or  wait for another form four national examination  which will be held this year .

The  minister further named other three secondary schools involved in examination malpractice as  Cornelius  in Dar es Salaam, Twiboki School  in Mara and Mnemonic Academic Secondary School   in Zanzibar.

For his part, Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Adam Malima urged parents to avoid facilitating any form of exam theft  in order for their children to get good grades  instead they should encourage them  to study  hard so as to demonstrate their ability in exams.

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