Govt: GGML’s community  plough back is exemplary

MINISTER for Minerals, Dr Dotto Biteko, has commended the Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGML) for effectively implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

Elaborating, he noted that the ministry is planning to develop special rules and guidelines that will make all investors implement CSR in projects to the full expectation of the government.

Dr Biteko issued compliments, including revealing the plan    when he visited the GGML mine to witness how the new gold mining projects are being executed in the mining site in Geita region, yesterday.

He said that for a long time, GGML has been implementing the CSR programme to the satisfactory level, adding that anyone doubting that should check their records.

The minister further said: “I would like us to be honest, in this country the company that does well in CSR in the mining industry is GGML. They are doing a good job.”

“The company has been cooperating with the citizens in the provision of various services to the communities surrounding it, especially in the construction of hospitals, schools, and medical facilities so that communities get access to better services.”

He said his visit was aimed at assessing the state of the mines after moving from open pit mining to underground that has also started production.

“Our fear was that since this mine will be in the development stage to extract gold underground, we thought it would reduce production but now we are happy that the mine has worked hard to keep production at the required level.”

On his part, GGML Sustainability Vice-President for projects in Ghana and Tanzania, Simon Shayo said the company will continue to cooperate with the surrounding communities to build good relations.

He thanked Dr  Biteko for congratulating GGML on the way the company strives to buy local products and use Tanzanian services in the implementation of local contents.

“You will know that this mine has been an open pit mine for 15 years, from 2002 to 2015. From 2015 we started moving downwards, until today when we have big projects of Star and Comet at Nyankanga, Nyamlilima and Geita Hill,” he pointed out.

He further said a large percentage of the mine’s products estimated as 70 percent are locally sourced, meaning that much spending benefits local products producers.

Mr Shayo said that the goal of the company is to ensure that it continues to be a leader by doing well so that Tanzanians are attracted to become local employees, adding that a large percentage of the surrounding communities are employed in the mine.

Commenting, Geita Town Member of Parliament Constantine Kanyasu (CCM) commended the company for fully engaging the locals in the mine’s activities.

He called upon Tanzanians to exploit various opportunities announced by the GGML, including grabbing tenders for service provision at the mines.

“We, at the Geita Town Council, are the direct beneficiaries because in the allocation of the CSRs, we get 54 percent of about 9bn/- as a priority. This amount goes to address education, health infrastructure, normal social infrastructure like football fields among others,” he added.

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