Govt enhances disaster preparedness

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has directed local government authorities in the country to allocate adequate funds for disaster preparedness in their respective areas.

The Premier also instructed regional authorities to set up warehouses with required amenities such as tents, blankets and other utensils to be used in cases of natural disasters such as floods.

Mr Majaliwa issued the directives in Dodoma on Thursday during the launching ceremony of five instruments on disaster management in the country.

The documents which were launched on Thursday are aimed at providing guidance to responsible institutions to respond to disasters and reduce risks which may arise from such calamities.

“All local authorities should allocate funds and ensure they have required amenities to cater for victims of disasters in their areas,” Mr Majaliwa directed.

Adding; “Regional authorities should not wait for the central government to provide assistance to victims in such incidents and yet they have disaster management committees in their respective areas.”

The five instruments include the National Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan (2022), the National Disaster Communication Strategy (2022) and the National One Health Strategic Plan (2022-2027).

Others include the National Disaster Management Strategy (2022-2027) and National Guidelines for Combating Criminal Activities in the Ocean and Great Lakes (2022).

Mr Majaliwa pointed that disaster preparedness is very crucial in reducing harms caused by both natural calamities and those caused by human activities.

“The government will continue to improve systems for disaster preparedness in line with the manifesto of the ruling party CCM.

“It is a well-known fact that when disasters strike, they negatively affect socio-economic activities and environment,” he noted.

The PM elaborated further that preparation of the five instruments were in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

He added that the instruments incorporated views from different stakeholders including government institutions, civil society organisations, private sector and international organisations.

According to the PM, the five instruments have been prepared in line with the National Disaster Management Policy of 2004 and the Disaster Management Act No. 6 of the year 2022.

Earlier, the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Dr Angelina Mabula, said the instruments will enable the government to improve coordination of disaster management.

Dr Mabula noted that the documents have been prepared based on current and future needs in line with national, regional and international systems frameworks.

On the other hand, Dr Mabula urged people living in low-lying areas to take precaution measures since some areas in the country are expected to receive heavy rains which may cause floods.

“The instruments provide guidelines for responsible authorities on disaster management to act swiftly in response to both natural calamities and those caused by human activities,” she explained.

At the same occasion, a representative from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ms Veronica Fubile, called for collaboration from all stakeholders in implementing the instruments.

“Collaboration from all stakeholders will ensure response mechanism to disasters are in place and eventually protect vulnerable groups from risks associated with such calamities,” she noted.

Ms Fubile assured the government of Tanzania of maximum cooperation from UNDP in supporting its efforts in mitigating effects of disasters.

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