Govt elevates transport sector

TANZANIA: THE government has expressed commitment of continuing transforming transport sector by instituting a number of measures, including ensuring all major corridors are accessible throughout the year.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa expressed the commitment on Thursday when speaking to transportation stakeholders who attended the launch of digital data base for truck drivers in the country prepared by the Tanzania Trucks Owners Association (TATOA).

The Premier said the government is determined to ensure to all regions’ headquarters are linked with tarmac roads to fast track economic growth and smoothen trucks operations in the country.

According to the Prime Minister, other measures being instituted to smoothen transport  is to ensure  all southern, central and northern corridors heading to neighbouring countries including Kenya, DR Congo, Malawi and Zambia are passable without difficulties.

Majaliwa said the government has completed construction of 2,183.82 kilometres of tarmac roads and 14,348 others to the gravel level.  According to PM, the government has been rehabilitating various roads  to make them  passable throughout the year.

Mr Majaliwa said expansion and improvement of roads and ports have significantly contributed to  an  increase in amount of cargo entering the country through  ports by an average of 18 per cent in three consecutive years, from 18 million tonnes in 2020/2021 Fiscal Year to about 25 million tonnes  in 2022/2023.

He said delays at the Dar es Salaam Port has been reduced from 14 days to six days.

Majaliwa said 95 per cent of all the cargo is transported to the final destinations overland by trucks.

In that regard, Mr Majaliwa appreciated TATOA’s role in creating jobs and revenue payment, creation of foreign currency, development of business and economic growth.

He further said that the government is proceeding with construction of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), renovation of the Metre Gauge Railway (MGR) and expansion of lake ports in Lake Victoria, Nyasa and Tanganyika.

“All these improvements do not aim to freeze trucks operations because expansion of our ports will increase cargo volume and the ferrying of all cargo to the final destinations will be done by you,” he said.

Moreover, he said new ships including the MV Mwanza Hapa Kazi Tu which will operate through Lake Victoria are under construction to facilitate regional trade.

Additionally, he said the government has heightened aviation by expanding airports, including adding more aircraft to the Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL), urging truck owners to support the government efforts so that the country can serve as a transport hub in Africa.

Mr Majaliwa further commented TATOA leaders for cherishing technological advancement by improving efficiency through appropriate data storage and usage.

He said the TATOA digital data system comes at right time when there is an increase in cargo volume that demand digital assisted monitoring and coordination.

Mr Majaliwa directed truck owners to use real time data from the digital system to recruit competent drivers while monitoring their performance for high standard transport service delivery in the country.

He said TATOA should cooperate with other government entities such as the Police Force and Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) to discuss different matters such as road safety, bolstering efficiency.

He also directed all government entities to cooperate with TATOA by sharing information for the development of the sector.

Earlier, Developer of the System, Mr Frank Mwasaluka said the TATOA digital membership management system offers opportunity for members including drivers to register and pay membership fee anytime and anywhere.

He said the system encompasses security system to protect users’ information.

TATOA Chairperson, Mr Elias Lukumay commended the government for continuing improving transport infrastructure including ports which are vital in increasing cargo volume and the market share at large.

Mr Lukumay commended Mr Majaliwa for gracing the forum, demonstrating the government commitment to take the transport sector and investments to the next level.

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