Govt directs WCF to register all employers to reach workers

MOROGORO: THE government has directed the Worker Compensation Fund (WCF) to fast-track registration of all employers including small and medium enterprises whereby many workers face a myriad of challenges at their workplaces.

Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office (Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disabilities), Eng Cyprian Luhemeja, issued the directive during the sixth meeting of the Second WCF Workers Council held in Morogoro, recently.

Eng Luhemeja also directed the fund to expand their registration base by including the private sector which accounts for a large number of workers at the lower cadres working in very challenging environments.

“You should submit a statistical registration report of small and medium enterprises to my office by June 2024,” said Eng Luhemeja, indicating that as compared to the workers from large enterprises those working in the small enterprises often face many problems.

He added: “This can only be achieved if all the staff works diligently and collaboratively…uphold respect among one another and superiors for efficiency and productivity.”

The PS also urged WCF to prioritize public awareness taking into account that the responsibilities of the fund touched on the lives of many Tanzanians who face various challenges at their workstations.

Such will enable many Tanzanians to understand the benefits of the funds and its entire roles, calling upon them to be creative to devise other sources of revenues geared towards contributing worthwhile compensations to its customers.

For his part, the Chairman of the WCF Workers Council, Dr John Mduma noted that the fund was keen to provide good services to its customers, indicating that among topics discussed during the meeting includes provision of outstanding services and integration.

Dr Mduma who is also the Managing Director of WCF revealed that expressed the funds commitment to continue strengthening its registration systems in collaboration with other institutions in the exchange of information.

“The mechanism will help in the registration of new employers and easily track those which are operational and not operational in order to include or remove them from the database,” he said.

According to him, the fund has covered 92 percent of employers whereby large employers have been registered by 100 per cent, medium enterprises comprise of 92 per cent and less than 90 percent for the small enterprises due their conditions.

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