Govt commits to improving disaster management strategies

THE government has assured of continued improvements in the disaster response to ensure that Tanzanians live in a safe environment.

The assurance was made on Thursday by Assistant Director of Disaster Research in the Prime Minister’s Office Department of Disaster Management, Mr Charles Msangi.

He expressed the commitment while opening the department’s experts working session in Dodoma recently for the aim of assessing the capacity of dealing with disasters.

He said the country has made great strides in dealing with disasters due to improved operational systems through enacting the Disaster Management Act, No. 6 of 2022 and its regulations as well as strengthening early warning systems, strengthening infrastructure, equipment and guidelines for disaster response and recovery.

“Our country has made progress in implementing the Sendai Strategy by creating an investment environment in reducing disaster risks by preparing the National Disaster Management Strategy (2022-2027) along with national and sectoral guidelines, plans and strategies,” he said.

He said that each sector should stand firm in its area of operation to avoid harm by focusing on priority areas, according to the current capacity to deal with disasters, urging experts to understand their sectors in disaster management before taking any action.

“The Prime Minister’s Office in collaboration with the United Nations Food Programme (UNFP) has coordinated the assessment of the capacity of disaster management through a partnership known as the Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI) which includes 20 United Nations and International Organizations that provide humanitarian services and implement development activities,” he said.

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