Govt commits to enhance postal services

TANZANIA: TANZANIA has made significant investment in communication infrastructure to keep pace with the global target of creating a digital single postal territory.

Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Mr Nape Nnauye made the remarks in his message to mark the World Post Day. The day is celebrated annually on October 9.

He said the government continues to extend the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Broadband Backbone’s (NICBB) coverage, National Physical Address (NaPA) and extensive training for personnel in digital communication and services delivery.

“We are committed to enhancing postal services and address delivery across the country, our overarching goal is for Tanzania’s postal sector to serve as a spur to socio-economic advancement and the achievement of our country’s objectives,”   Mr Nape said.

He said he will ensure the postal sector plays a pivotal role in adaptation to the ever-evolving digital landscape for the nation’s prosperity.

He further noted that for more communities to be digitally connected and be able to profit from the digital economy, a strong regulatory framework for the postal services is necessary.

Postmaster General, Eng Maharage Chande said the Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) embraces its commitment of serving as the backbone of communication, connection and transportation for the country’s transformation in the digital age.

He said the TPC is working not only with designated postal operators around the world but also with other stakeholders including private operators to ensure citizens get services quickly, easily and securely.

“We are investing in cutting edge infrastructure, tracking systems and e-commerce solutions,” Eng Chande said.

He said TPC has brought postal products and services closer to clients via electronic devices such as smartphones and Personal Computers (PC).

Nevertheless, Eng Chande said the corporation keeps on with timeless traditions of the postal service.

“The feeling of receiving a handwritten letter or a careful wrapped package remains a source of joy and anticipation for many, we are committed to preserve these cherished moments while modernising our services” he said.

Reacting on this year’s World Post Day themed “Together for Trust: Collaborating for a Safe and Connected Future,” he said trust is unavoidable to the post office as the first aim of TPC is to satisfy our customers.

Equally, Director General of Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Dr Jabiri Bakari, said this year’s theme is a reminder to global shared wisdom, obligation and a vision for a future of the postal sector where trust is the cornerstone of connections and networks.

“Trust is the currency that fuels the engine of progress and it is our collective responsibility to ensure its stability and growth for the connected future” Dr Bakari said.

Adding “It is important to emphasise that Tanzania has revolved to exploit digital automation,” he said.

Dr Bakari said 85 per cent of the country’s population will have internet access by 2025 as part of the government’s tireless effort in boosting e-commerce transactions and last mile delivery.

However, he said the postal service sector is facing complex digital challenges including cyber threats, misinformation and breach of privacy which all together erode the actual materials of trust that bind together citizens.

He said TCRA is protecting the interest of citizens by adopting the agile and adaptive frameworks such as cyber security while staying ahead of the curve of all threats.

Worldwide, Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Director General, Mr Masahiko Metoki said UPU has set ambitious target of ensuring that every post office has sufficient access to the internet by 2030 referring to the fact that close to 100,000 of the world’s 650,000 post offices lack internet infrastructure to date.

The World Post Day commemoration is annually observed across the globe on October 9 in respect to the birth of the UPU which was incepted on October 9, 1874 in Switzerland as the global body under the United Nations (UN) that coordinates postal services worldwide.

Tanzania joined the body in March 1963.

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