Govt closely monitors mysterious disease in Kagera

AUTHORITIES in Kagera Region are closely monitoring an emergency of a mysterious disease that has killed five people while two others are admitted to a health facility.

Kagera Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Albert Chalamila told reporters at his office on Thursday that a Rapid Response Team (RRT) comprising medical experts had already visited Bulinda and Butahyaibega villages in Maruku and Kanyangereko Wards in Bukoba Rural District.

The RC said that the experts have already taken blood samples from patients and sent them to the Government Chief Chemist for testing.

“People are advised to remain calm while necessary medical steps are being taken…they should also be alert and report early to health facilities when they experience or see any abnormal signs,” he said.

He explained that the Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr Issasenda Kaniki is leading a team of medical experts by conducting public health awareness campaign in the region for people to take all necessary precautions.

“The government is carrying out public health awareness campaigns in the region for people to take all necessary precautions and we have sufficient medicines and equipment. People should also avoid spreading unfounded rumours regarding the disease,” he urged.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Prof Tumaini Nagu issued a press report on Thursday saying the Ministry of Health was  working round the clock to identify the mysterious disease and steps how to control  its spread.

Prof Nagu explained that the symptoms include fever, vomiting, bleeding and liver failure.

He said the government has dispatched a rapid response team to the affected areas.

It is believed that the disease is infectious. Samples from the dead bodies have been taken in order to establish the disease.

Members of the public should present themselves to health centres or alert authorities if they show such symptoms including nausea, body weakness, bleeding, diarrhea or fever.

Prof Nagu, however, appealed to Tanzanians to be keen and take all necessary precautions including social distancing, washing hands with running water and soap and also avoid touching a body of a person suspected to have died from such disease.

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