Govt challenges builders to invest in low-cost house tech 

THE government has challenged construction firms to focus on investing in low-cost housing technology to narrow down the gap of the good quality houses in the country.

The technology, according to experts, reduces the cost of building residential and commercial houses by almost 50 per cent from conventional ones.

The Deputy Minister for Investment, Industry and Trade Mr Exaud Kigahe, said the technology would also help adapt green and renewable energy for promotion of climate sensitive development.

“Local and foreign companies should invest in building low-cost houses since we are facing shortage of houses,” Mr Kigahe said, adding “the government is pro-green energy, and want to conserve the environment.”

The deputy minister said on Thursday in Dar es Salaam when officially inaugurated the three-day 24th Buildexpo Africa 2023. The expo was organised by the Dubai Based Expo group and some 200 companies are taking part.

Dream Developer Consultant Eng Lightness Salema said investment in building low cost houses technology, such as pre-fabrication, would reduce construction expenses by up to 50 per cent and hence, promote affordable housing in the country.

“Such technology not only reduces costs but also reduces the number of construction days,” Ms Salema told the ‘Daily News’, adding the technology brings down the costs from 50m/- for the average house to 25m/-.

Additionally, she advised builders and town planners to consider the use of alternative energy such as solar for outdoor lighting.

“Solar energy kills two birds with one stone….serving power and conservation of the environment,” Eng Salema added.

According to Mr Benny Mosha, the Tanzania’s Director for Expo group, the showcase event focuses mainly to look at the country as an exit gate for trade and investment towards the Eastern African Community market.

He said that over 80 per cent of participating companies were foreign and was a good mix since are allowing local investors to learn, share and explore joint ventures for their growth.

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