Govt assures  protection to whistleblowers, witness

DODOMA: THE government has assured whistleblowers and witness of their safety and protection thus people should not fear to offer information and allegations of wrongdoing that are of public interest.

Morogoro Region Public Prosecutor, Ms Neema Haule made the sentiment on Tuesday when opening two-day training on the Whistleblower and witness protection Act of 2022 and Regulations of February 2023.

She said the Act and Regulations have explored and have in writing, avenues that guarantees the whistleblowers and witnesses maximum safety, so long as the information is in good faith.

The Act and Regulations, she said, is meant to improve good governance, accountability, battle corruption and embezzlement of the public funds.

“For efficiency, accountability and effectiveness in the implementation of the Act, the ministry has come up with the regulations which will enhance implementation of justice and protection of the whistleblowers and witnesses” she said

“The regulations will assure witnesses and whistleblowers are awarded with protection of their safety, be relocated for their safety and provided with compensation and financial awards.

Ms Haule underscored the need for the media to be good ambassadors since they come across a number of information, which support the government and well-being of the public.

She named some of the information needed as those of related to crime committed, non-compliance of the law, endangering health or safety of individual(s) or community and misappropriation or mismanagement of public resources and abuse of office.

The Act also promotes and facilitates reporting of organised crimes, corruption offences, unethical conduct, abuse of office, illegal and dangerous activities.

She urged the journalists to educate the public, so that they use the whistleblowers and witness act to share information as the government through the Act will provide them with protection against potential or victimisation, and provide legal mechanisms to reward and compensate them.

On his part, Assistant Coordinator from the President’s Office, State House for Building Sustainable Anti-corruption Action in Tanzania (BSAAT) Mr Josiah Mathania said ten public institutions are funded under the project.

Funded by the United Kingdom and the European Union, he said, the five years project is aiming at shortening the case hearing duration, increase reporting of corruption issues for anti-corruption drive and management of public resources.

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